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bun in oven

i think i used to be happier because its so much more easier to practice gratitude.

that shall be my mantra moving forward.

heres some updates.

  • project mate passed away. it really left me shaken
  • i didn’t get the call from p&g and i am really disappointed
  • the wave of uncertainty is back again. i really need to start job hunting.
  • my eyes is still fucked. and i hate paying so much for medical.

and so heres step one to practice gratitude.

  • I have dabbled a couple of lifestyles this year. and hey i get to work in a fashion brand. thats one tick of my list.
  • I freelanced
  • I went on a dating spree. LOL and it was fun while it lasted.
  • still in debt from student loans but hey i still can afford short getaways and nice cafe food.

Ok time to disconnect and snooze bit before heading out to twin’s crib. I can’t believe a new human is popping out from that belly soon. And i am genuinely surprised by how elated i am. :/ not bad, after 26 years i still can surprise myself.

haha. HUGS



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