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hi blog.

been a long while.

hit a couple of milestones. grew a lot. learnt a lot. the year is coming to an end soon and i genuinely think that this year was pretty awesome. tough. but better and i see things moving upwards.

meanwhile, what haven’t change is how much i still miss you M. i genuinely tried to move on and i think i did. I don’t think i will ever stop missing you or loving you, i just hope i find someone who sees me like you do and believe in me like you do and love me for who I am. someone who can make me happy everyday and want me to. someone who can be in sync. frankly, i don’t believe i can ever find anyone else who can be so in sync w me. but i really hope life can surprise me. otherwise, i hope my price charming with the 1st 2 qualities will appear soon. cause i am ready. truly. i want to love someone properly and go all out again. also, life is tougher, i hate to admit, i need a partner now.

thank you for giving me strength to not settle. for reminding what is right so that i can happily give up the wrongs and look ahead. even if i have to just die w cats and netflix at least I’ve got you once.

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