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5 Things to Say the Next Time Someone Asks Why You Aren’t Married

I don’t find a need to settle for less. At least not now.

i don’t waste time when I clearly know someone isnt what I want. How can u expect me  to settle or to date ppl who cant make me feel the good old butterflies in stomach. I went out hes pretty fun to hang w but nothing more than tt. Friends n chill again sure why not but there’s no feelings how to force it?! Tts the emotional part of things

Now the annoying rational or not part..
Im srsly rather annoyed. Call me materialistic or whatever. But I do know when im truly in love I dont even car

e if I have to pay for the guy. When theres no feelings theres no feelings

Call it daddy issues equipped w bad family truama in the past or whats not, Ive seen how families get torn apart because of financial issues, ive experienced the ugly side of things first hand. I dont wanna be poor n I work darn hard to earn my keep n build my own career. So dont blame me when I dont settle for someone who is not at least on par or better than I am in terms of capabilities. this is the basic sense of security I require, to trust that when I screw up in the future someone can be there n be my rock. Its all about capabilities.  N somehow capable men  carve a darn good career for themselves n are quite well to do. Duh. N the last I checked, I fell in love w ppl w/o knowing their financial background.  

Each to its own.

This is the pms talking. Over n out #irrationalanger

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