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OS updates

Hi WordPress. Attempted to blog on dayre but I guess I’m too long winded for it.  Here we go.
Today is the first day of my break before my new career commences. 

Apart from massive blood loss n combating my horrible flu I basically just nuaed in bed the entire day n did some deep reflection and set some new goals.  I call it updating my os. Hehe

Thought about all the things that bothered me till today.  That made me upset.  Made my heart aches.  Thought about how it happened.  Chain of actions.  And most importantly thought about how to make things better.  N for those things that are beyond my control how can I adjust my mindset n deal w it.

Yes alright. Id admit it. The huge bulk of my emoness stems from realising tt or rather finally letting the fact that he’s nvr coming back sink. Him having a new muse = major heart break.  Why didn’t he just go back to his ex for christ sake -.- at least I wld have felt better.

Anyhow. Nothing I can do.  N srsly. I need to stop making him the source of my unhappiness. he did brought me months of pure joy in the past year n he should just be remembered as tt n not as someone who brought me even more months of bitterness. Stop sulking n just move on w my life. 

That aside. My last day at br really woke me up a lil. It’s always the simplest gestures that touches your heart the most. I made myself an ice queen constantly making a conscience effort not t b too nice t ppl. Not t care. N be v careful cause everyone has an agenda. I guess this is the making of a heartless corporate slave. srsly. She absolutely have no reason to be so thoughtful. They shouldn’t even need to celebrate for me cause I have nvr really cared. In a way I am disgusted w what I’ve become. They simply have no agenda n are truly genuine loving human beings. I must learn to love again.

Next up. My new job. In a way I finally landed myself in a job where I get to travel, get to meet n work w ppl, marketing still, transcending multiple industries and cultures, good compensation package n welfare. I hope this is where my career finally take flight. I am sick of job hopping. N I really want this to work. Feeling truckloads of jitters and I have to say I am putting some pressure on this one too. Gotta stay positive n do my utmost best. 

I haven’t been reading n exercising at all. I have been drinking too much n spending even more. I hope 2014 will b a year where I finally find my balance in life. Guess resolutions came abit late but better late than never! Gunna g take tt much dreaded jab. Stick to my exercise regime. Read more n change my lifestyle. N Yeap. I’m gunna meet more ppl n start dating again without being anal about it. 🙂

Feeding time! Ciaos!

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