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I swear this year really puts me through plenty of tests n made me deal w my weaknesses right in the face.  Taking things in its stride n letting things go. 
I let R go whom I know is the person who will ever love me the most cause that’s the right thing to do.  I finally let ed go by facing him n my greatest fear.  No longer deluded. N yes pals n friends.  He is a creep u guys r right n im wrong.  As for m, I’ve stuck through if it’s meant to be its meant to be n learn to let it go unlike what I would have done in the past. Less wilful n hot headed. N I did what needs to be done to make myself happy.  Ignorance is bliss. I do miss him n I would really want us to have a chance to try it out tog.  I died for a moment But I sincerely am happy when I  congratulated him for gg back to the gf. It’s not easy to know what you really want n actually still gets it.

I guess it’s really growing up.  Or better at self preservation or I guess I’ve learnt to love myself n build my own happiness. 🙂

Everything happens for a reason n it happens for the better.

That aside. Ive also learnt to take things easy w the constant flopped plans.  From grad trip to career.  Nothing is gg smoothly as planned no matter how much effort I put in it. Normally I’ll go crazy n be all bitter.  This year I really felt the difference.  You yourself really determines how you wanna  deal w the situation n make the best out of it.  Suck it up n strive on. Things will fall into place sooner or later.

This is a year of discovery or should I say confirmation.  I chose passion over money.  Quite a painful decision.  But I won’t wanna regret. 

Four n a half months more to go.  I will emerge as a better person.  Zen mode. 

Oh n I really deserve friend of the year award.  Sometimes I really think my friends took me for granted.  But oh well.  I can’t stop caring.  Sucks to be me. Too many breakups.  Pls let them heal fast.

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