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ok after my last rejection from oculus which i really felt was me spitting out a job that was already in my mouth. i SWEAR the CEO was gg to confirm me right after the 2nd interview when he asked me to wait for him for 5 mins after it. idk why i still didnt get it. n it really kills me. after the last defeat i am taking a break off job hunting.

i think im gunna start next week. too much pain hahaha. the job was ideal! brand executive w awesome pay and its just 15mins away from my house, need not stay in office all the time and having the free reign to create campaigns. omgs p e r f e c t. :(((

after that i even thought of giving up marketing and do sales where i have an advantage and also a higher pay. but i dont know i think thats just desperations talking. well theres alot of sales and marketing jobs but frankly its still sales trying to be fancy. rejected the few that i applied out of desperation. GOTTA FOCUS.


good luck to me people. i can feel my confidence level decaying bit by bit.


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