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four am woes

reminder to self.

cannot contact R no matter what. 不可以害他. n anyway he’s nvr gunna treat me the same anymore and its really shitty. exes can never be friends. if we didnt start we would have been really good friends. i really miss those times n the love given. 😦

ignore that E that bastard. and dont let him affect you, make you feel anything less or like youre doing anything wrong. if he text or contact again. last warning needa change contact number once you got a job. Dont scold him back again and dont dont dont bother resolving things or clear things up. no use. just bear in mind that whatever it is, think of all the shit he have done and know that he is no good for you. this person is the bane of your life, its only without him you can slowly become better and heal from all the damage he caused. STAY AWAY! jiayou jwsm you can do this dont give up!


we accept the love we think we deserve.

i dont deserve the shit E gave me. and i dont deserve the love R gave me cause i really can’t love him as much, i dont know why anymore. i guess when one person is filled with happiness they naturally wants the other party to have it. i cant give R the happiness he deserve n thats where i think i should leave. too unfair its against my conscious. 


for now concentrate on assignments. yes life may suck now but things are gunna be better. and its not that bad la just stagnant and its killing you but come on next stage coming up. hang in there. 

look on the bright side.

going bkk for taitai trip. real estate course coming up. new givenchy antigona bag approved. friends are still there when you need them. sigh. i need someone who am i kidding. this sucks bye.

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