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its 1 am now and I’m extremely tired. but still i need this space.

i suspect I’m pms-ing like crazy.

nonetheless, i rly don’t feel good.

am i really better off alone? i rly dk. R is an awesome sweetheart. communication is great. but still. our differences and approaches to life is quite the bugger.

ever since I’m back in singapore, its a lot of brain work going on.

i truly miss himalayas. where i don’t have to give a shit about any other thing and everything is fret over by other people. i don’t have to think about anything yet i know everything is gonna be fine. yea, i really do miss that.

looking at my schedule. i don’t think its possible for me to get any good rest this holiday. really wish that i have got a month hiding in my room doing whatever i like w no deadlines whatsoever. haha. ok enough of complaints.

i need time to reflect.

i really don’t feel like doing anything. 

can i like get chicken pox now or something (not deadly or ultra torturous) so that i can have legitimate reasons to be excused from everything else? hahahahaha.

alrights. the reflecting shall commence another day. need sleep now.


nights world.


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