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water dragon

Happy lunar new year everyone!
This year I feel exceptionally happy!
Although this year I only bought 1 new dress for new year, no new shoes, no nthing n no mani or pedicure, I really feel v refreshed and am feeling all the excitement! Probably because I finally took charge of the spring cleaning this year n am feeling exceptionally happy w the house being all clean n tidy!
The amount of trash I’ve thrown away is scaryyyyy!

Haha! This year is also the year tt I rly felt tt my parents r rly getting old. Somehow, I felt more responsible for the things going around in the house now. 🙂 this is officially what u called, growing up:)

Water dragon year is gunna be a good one for snakes! Yaaayyss!
Well, wish all of you a blessed new year! 😀

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