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had a great weekend.

just read some stuff that ooze hope and positivity. i need to keep believing. because tt makes me happy šŸ™‚
we shld all keep cynicism out of our system.
guess I’ve been drowned in the pool on negative energies for the past few years and these recent days have been very much an awakening call.
oh wells! I’m glad things are more or less back on track here and there.

sooner or later, the girl who loves the world, and makes it a happy place for everyone she loves will be back.

right now, i need more positive energy. it keeps me happy. i thrive in such.

and now! ECONS ESSAY! *headache!

—— edited ——-

” It is not uncommon for people to tilt towards pessimism or negativity in their attitude. ThisĀ may either happen with a certain turn of life events or as a habitual trait. Yes, it sometimes becomes a habit for many to feel negative or pessimistic. Sometimes, condemning everything that is our own, feels like the right thing to do. Sometimes, it feels like the IN thing. Whichever may be the case with those seeing the glass half empty, it eventually becomes the harbinger of destruction for them.

Just like positivity attracts positive outcomes, negativity brings in negative results. This will apparently looks like a thing out of a ā€˜Think Positiveā€™ book, but it has more truth to it than is obvious. It is by no means an easy task toĀ cultivate positivity, staying positiveĀ and thinking positive in the wake of constant failure or advertsities, but it is a skill worth acquiring. It sure is easier said than done, no two thoughts on that. But trying never killed anyone. “

i understand that it is really not easy to do so. those ppl tt have been living in the greenhouse world protected from the negativities in life or have nvr suffer any hardships or overcome any obstacles might find it easier to do so. good for them. but that being said, those who despite all the adversaries managed to stay positive are in fact a notch higher don’t u think so? i guess tts part of being strong. stay happy everyone!

this year is not a futile year for me. I grew up. and looking at my shoutouts/tweets/entries etc., there is an increasing amount of glee and happiness. I’m becoming less morbid! kudos to that. now i shld rly ban myself from my macbook and get that ass working. haha.

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