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Today is a happy day. Jogging feels good! I feel rejuvenated! Haha! Why did I even stop doing it! But my face is seriously looking as red as a beetroot after the jog I swear. Like really freakly red. I think my head was blood deprived n finally gotten some proper replenishment today. N I guess it rly clears my mind too. 😀 happy! I rly felt good after tt. Good purging.

I’m getting my routine back. Gunna g back t being the 健康宝贝. 1st thing flabs away, healthy body, healthy mind.

It is true. Life is a cycle. There r always ups n downs. I think its looking up now:)

Idk who commented today but its rly quite ridiculous t insult ppl without the guts t make yourself known.
Anyhow, I don’t need advice on how t live my life. If I need it, I will seek for it n there’s plenty of supply. I always feel tt a blog is somewhere u can post whatever nonsense u want so in the future, I can look back n laugh, feel ashamed, reflect, n learn. Whatever usage it is for its rly my business. My blog is my venting ground. Its not targeted at any audience thus the content is not altered t cater t anyone but my future self. I write whatever I feel like n I don’t have t account for anyone. It might be a reflection of momentary emotions or a way for me t release my emotions or just plain gibberish ramblings. N by judging these t determine me is pathetic. If u say u will kill your boss when you’re mad will u rly kill him? Does it reflects your true intention? Ridiculous! ppl who knows me will know tt my emotions often varies on extreme ends. Guilty of being dramatic.

Enough of ppl judging. Feels stupid trying t explain myself. Argh!

我的事没有人比我更清楚. Its my life. I deem as I fit n I know what’s best for me. I don’t need any random ppl t tell me tt.

If I’m ruining my own life or trying t commit suicide or something tt is weak n pathetic. But I’m not.

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