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post exam mood

Exams r over! though I still didn’t manage t finish the sm paper(I can’t nvr finish essay based papers) I think I did my best for all 3 papers! N I’m freaking proud of myself regardless of the results. I have nvr studied so much before! Beams!

One whole month, weekend included! 🙂

Fingers crossed, hope I get the grades I deserve! I’m hoping 1st class for finance! 🙂 ironically its supposedly my weakest mod but the one I end up being most confident in.

On a side note, I think I’m getting the hang of things already.
N oh ya, milestone, I’ve got the position of uob student council head of marketing:)

On a side note! I’ve got only 2 days of rest before a new sem commence n the vicious cycle resumes! Shall engage in brainless activities n completely nua like nvr before. 2 days 2 days onlyyyy! (grumbles)


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