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Woke up feeling shitty. Pissed w my bro who don’t close the damn door n made me sleep in pungent mist (swear I’d rather die in my sleep liktt), w my dad who doesn’t do anything n my grand dad who’s stinking up the whole hse. It was one pungent morning. What is wrong w the men in the house. No one is dependable at all.

Before I know it, one bad memory came flooding in n I’m even more pissed then I cld ever be. Particularly the transformers imax one. Willed myself t block out the rest.

Then I asked myself, why do I still want u back? All these shit. Cld I rly truthfully forgive u from my core again n let it all pass just lik tt? U nvr felt anything tt happened was wrong n thus u wldnt felt the need t do anything about it.

Gosh this is getting damn bitter. I am clearly not having a good day.

Can’t even snuggle in my bed now. Just wanna get out of this damn house. Hate!

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