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The thing about being in sch is tt you’ll always have something t look forward to, such as term breaks, end of exams etc.
And during which, u r rewarded n enjoy proper rest where u don’t have t worry tt your grades will change all of a sudden.

Unlike being in the workforce. U can’t really enjoy a holiday without worrying tt someone in the office taking over your position when you’re away, tt unsettling feeling? Gah!
N its hard t give yourself long breaks where u truly can rest your souls if you’re committed into your work. In sch, breaks n holidays are mandatory for everyone. Where as in the workforce its not, opportunity costs are high.

I love school. But I’m totally stressed up over my exams nowwww! But I’m glad tt once its over, stress be gone! Another plus point for school. 🙂

Dear god pls bless me. I need AT LEAST a 2nd upper in order live without regrets for the rest of my life. I need t know efforts still pays off. N I need t know Im still worth something. Pretty pleaseeeee

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