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Tonight is another huge step for the relationship between me and my baby bro.
I scolded him like crazy again tonight and said the harshest thing. But of course I meant well. I look at how my uncles are and the youngest are often the ones tt fail in life or as a person. And I don’t want tt to happen t my brother. I cannot allow him to be disadvantaged or look down on. He cried. I haven’t made him cry since our diapers years where I took his toy or something.

He finally voice out. And fuck u people, which ever bastard is tt that bully my baby bro. Rot in helllll and may you die a lowly banquet manager. Pffft!
Okay. Anyways, I realised by baby brother have a mind of his own and did plan for his future. Well, not in my terms the ideal thing but everyone have t live their own life isn’t it? And yea, he did surprise me a way or 2 and thought of things tt nvr wld have occurred t me. He is stronger and much more independent than me I have t say.

We understand each others intentions and he vented out his unhappiness. I made him realised things and all is well.

Happy! šŸ˜€ I felt more accomplished as a sister already.

Side note, I hope my eye will be back t good condition soon. Speedy recovery. Fingers crossed!

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