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Had a htht w my mum and I finally told her what happened this time round. She really understood. I have always know what I want. And its true tt people at different stage of life want and need different things, but I know tt even though he might not be able t give me what I wants now, he is and will be in the long run cause our direction in life is the same. My mum supported me. But since words are out, and I don’t know how t play my cards well, i’ll just have t wait for things t happen.

But I’m really glad my mum finally knows what’s gg on. And I’m in the right frame of mind now. Rational.

Oh! Milestone no. 2! My bond is officially overrrrr! 😀 happiness! And the next phase of my life awaits!

Bye people. Till I blog again 😀

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