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heavy heart

Hello whoever is there.
I’m sitting alone at paragon’s starbucks now feeling v moody and lost. Aftermath of unsettling uni application – need t rant.

I haven’t put in my best efforts in my studies so far and gosh I really regret it. I figured tt I prolly have the same kinda regret when I’m fretting over which secondary school t go as well as jc/poly then. But none as bad as this. I guess being more grown up now I know how disadvantaged I am w poor results, the consequences are clearer in a way as well.

I wanna cry. Sigh.
I need a hug.
The world seems so much troublesome as we grow. The brain grows the troubles grew too.

4 months this time I hope to be blogging about my successful application into ham’s business management course and enjoying my 22nd birthday w all my loved ones.

Annoying tt your fate lies in someone else hand’s.

And I think the counsellor might be loling to himself just now when I enquired about the scholarship. Cannot get into the course already still wanna think about the scholarship. Dream on.

I so wish I’m in TP now w nthing t worry and having the time of my life.

Dear life of mine, pls balance up and be in place soon. I need the equilibrium.
Lots of love, my sanity

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