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i was wrong

This is damn disgusting.
I was wrong. I have nvr been so sure in my entire life tt I was wrong about you EKJJ.
I know its kinda late t realised this. But everyone around me is right about you. Damn disgusting.
And I should nvr had wished tt I had anything t do w you in the future.
There wasn’t love at all.

Jun 2010 you played tagged again w all the trashy girls. Fucking fantastic.

Surprisingly I wasn’t even hurt or mad about it.
I was so shocked. Then I realised, hey it really wasn’t his 1st time doing this. Tagged when things were rough for us. Diving w some other chick when we fell off.

Whatever tt was told are all seriously bullshit.
Love my ass.
Yes literally.
You just needed someone t fuck around w and the companionship.

Gosh! I really deserve someone better. At least decent. This is some slimeball!
What an asshole!

Seriously fuck you! I loved you sincerely true and pure. And yes. I regretted tt it had t be you I gave my all to. Cause u sure bloody hell don’t deserve it!

Omgs. This is damn gross. What a major wake up call.
Seriously if I ever miss you again, i’d rather be a prostitute. My gosh! A leopard will nvr change its spots.

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