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sick bird

down with flu today. fever inclusive. was mad bored apart from having t answer calls from work and waiting for report to be sent to i can get it over and done with.

all in all bored to the core. well, did a bit of pastry googling. i havent quite get the perfect business concept yet, the report gotta wait. there is just so many yummy pastries lurking around i need a perfect marketing plan to stand out from the crowd. but still, the basic have to go. needa schedule a meeting with the it whiz kid to get the site up and going, and the namecards too. once its done i guess i might have a better picture as to where can we go.

ok anyways, i was looking through friendster. hoho. i looked so happy! and yea pretty. and those were pictures from my poly days. i need to be happier and feel more alive.

was telling my mum i am very frustrated that the only thing i look forward to everyday is nthing. which is pissing the shit outta me cause ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont wanna feel like shit everyday. and as much as i try to be calm and tide through this 2 years happily i cant! i freaking cant! knncb.

ok enough.

2 weeks of work juggling anchor point and great world city. both equally far. greatsxzxs.

im boreeeedddddddddddd.

life should be fun. work should be fun. i find no joy.

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