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people dont sing for no reason. waking up is indeed the hardest part. ha ha. bitterrrrrrrrrrr.

anywys today is the last day of my mini break from work. have to say that it was pretty good. though somethings didnt went the way it was supposed to be. no mj n steamboat n picnic w the sec sch bunch, the sleepover n shoe shopping didnt went quite well w the girls, and i still havent get my phone, and i didnt felt better in fact prolly even worse then the past 2 weeks and i didnt get to swim or hit the beach oh! and shucks! i havent get to catch up w jacq n twin for frolicks.

but all in all it was a good one. w some good ole family gathering and mj session. some time off for myself completely doing nthing but nuaing, taitai hightea at goodwoodpark hotel, stars session, dinner n some biz plans, ate home cooked food, crashing lectures and getting more marketing concepts into my stale brain, met new people, and caught up w friends, clubbed, shopped, bookwormed and tadaaaaaaaaaa blogged. hahahaha.

i cant wait for mr r t come t singapore. i need t get my chinese name changed. somehow a lil part of me felt tt all these shit will be over and i would have felt so much better more hope brighter future if its done w. naive i know. i need some hope.

im trying my best to resign to fate. face the facts. and i thought i did a good job for the past 2 weeks plus gg 3. until yesterday. i guess i wont be clubbing anytime soon. or even touch alcohol. need t be sober in control and rational and push it hopefully over the cliff. pls just let it die. its just really irritating when it comes back and bite you and youre suddenly infected with emo crazy bitch virus again.

ok nonsense.

time to get the report generated and put my brains to good use.

and as usual lets all pray that time fly and aprils fool 2011 come fast. cause tts the excact date my contract can burn in hell.

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