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passion in life

well its 3am now and im very much awake.

blame myself for sleeping too much in the day. haha. i literally spent the whole day sleeping. woke at 12plus for lunch, watched naruto and mission impossible w my bro, slept again till 4 plus, fb awhile and doze off again, dinner at gramp’s for dinner. shiok. fantastic start to my short break from work. šŸ˜€ repay my sleep debts.

on a random note, the movie fool’s gold officially made its way to my favourite movie list.

it was after i watched it i asked myself what i really wanted it my life. frankly, i dont give two hoots about high flying career and the elites life if its gunna be damn sad like you gunna work 24/7 burying yourself in work and when the day you die its just a name on times magazine the most and the only time you can relax are through expensive wines and exclusive areas in clubs, thats not what i want. thats not living life to the fullest.

well, in my terms living life to the fullest is the adrenaline rush the feeling of being liberated when you do things that you have never done before. being adventurous. gg t new places, seeing new stuff, getting inspirations, experiencing new stuff yadaa yadaa etc. doing meaningful things. life should be an adventure.

to pay 100bucks for a parachute or a 100bucks for a surfboard for that new experience beats owning any hermes or chanel added up together.

doris told me tt i will succeed. and i asked her what is success. and she replied by saying that its when you are at the top managing alot of people. i thought about tt, and somehow it sounded torturous to me. i think its because i know and had a taste of what it felt like now, i dont want it anymore. im not power hungry. i dont need truckloads of money. i’ll choose a meaningful life over a luxurious one anytime. i just want that sense of achievement. that sense of achievement that have nothing to do w generating money. something like doing a stunt on the wakeboard, or learnt how t surf/scuba dive, be part of a project to help build something for the less fortunate. i dont know im not holy or those kind shit ass. i just dont want t look back and see that all i know is how to manipulate and climb my way up the corporate ladder and knows no shit about being out there and enjoying what life have to offer.

now the sad part is i have no concrete plans and have no idea how to g about attaining tt. and another shitty fact is i cant bloody hell do it alone. cause i simply hate doing things alone. all those stuff tt ive mentioned is really pointless if i cant share the joy and excitement or discovery w someone who appreciates it the same way as i do at the point of time.

sometimes i really hate the fact tt im born it singapore. its like if youre not educated and works in an office, youre a failure. glums.

ok im tired to think anymore.


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