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game plan

I always wanted t buy vitamin c pills t build up my immune system. and in general such pills sucks. they have this sick orangy taste tts damn gross. but viola! scotts is very bright. it infuses my favourite ribena pastilles w higher content of vitamin c. now my only problem is t stop myself from over eating. lol.

anyhow, the only reason I’m here blogging is due t a terrible fact – (whimper) I’m gg jp again tmr:( whines.
I think god did it on purpose. I swear every single time I will be put t test. when nothing is wrong I will nvr ever have t g. but when I’m trying t avoid it, circumstances would then appear forcing me t deal w things tt I would love t avoid. damn it.

my super mario thesis is now a theory.
life is just like a super mario game.
when you are at the initial levels, its easy. you get t eat mushrooms and grow bigger easily, your get more points and stuff and complete the levels easily. just like when we were young, things are much more simple and easy. we always feel big and get more things outta life easily. and when the game proceed, the different levels gets more and more challenging and difficult. its not easy t figure our way out, theres more obstacles, diversions, its not easy t collect all of the points and you have t forsake some t move forward. some took a longer time the wise or lucky ones take shorter time t complete each level. unlike the initial levels, you don’t get t grow bigger tt much. obstacles make you smaller just like how life makes you feel small easily when you advance in life. sometimes, you have t retry certain levels many times t complete the level so you can g t the next. some took ages t figure the right way out, some took more time t master the skills t move themselves out of the obstacles, some just simply give up and stop playing, giving their lives up. I have been stuck in the same level for the longest time and I’m determined t use my stubbornness t get me through the obstacles instead of trying t walk through walls for a change. I have been given cheat codes but I chose t figure my way out, so no regrets over there.

anyhow, I hope I can really make it. I have to. and I can see some progress here and there.

anyhow, year 2009 is a horrible year for me. screwed up big time on my social life, fall outta love so many time over the same person, eat all my words and broke so many promises and principles, broke the hearts of those who truly love me and failed on myself.
just hope tt 2010 is gonna be good. which I figured tt it’ll be since everyone’s turning 21! parties!:) I so have t get well soon.

this is my transition period. a period tt most of the people will have, part and parcel of growing up. and by tt I don’t mean simply counting the numbers, its more like hitting the quota t your experience scale. some just take a longer time t reach tt point in life and some shorter. no good or bad. tts just it. just like grubs turning into pretty butterflies, they just suddenly need t cocoon then struggle t break away from it t proceed in the next stage of life, flying off the greenhouse t survive what the world have t offer.

anyways, my plan for this xmas was t spend quality time w me myself and i. and t do something about tt wardrobe and corner of the room of mine. I wanna clean up the mess and my emotional mess. I even swore t Doris cause she was damn skeptical when I told her my plans. she made me swore tt if I was out partying instead I have t declare loudly tt I am a tortoise. lol. full of nonsense. but darn, I might just be a tortoise this xmas. sj’s invitation is quite tempting. haha. KIV. will need t see if I’m well enough t socialise.

alrighty. its getting late and I need t be up super early. but as usual, I won’t be getting much sleep despite being lethargic. am still affected. darn.

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