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today i was damn proud of myself. yogurt for dinner.

but alas. its 2plus am now and im just done playing spot the diff w my folks. hahahah. and im shoving food down my throat. oh no!

I AM SERIOUSLY GETTING EXTREMELY LARDY. and its not lardy at the place its supposed to be – boobies.

anyhowwww, meeting yesterday and im proud to say im the youngest and the newest in the company to get the gold card from singapore gm. 😀

drool people drool.

anyhow yesterday dinner was a bitch feast. well at least the people deserve it for forgetting and misplacing our orders.

finally watch time travellers wife. i guess my coco’s gunna be on dvd. gah.

i did something right yesterday and im proud of myself too. i dont know if i’ll feel better but at least i know i did the right thing.

i am a fast learner and nthings gunna bring me down. i have all the support i need from my loved ones and i think theres nthing i cant deal w. i will love the next one better. i know i can. i did the 2nd time better than the 1st at least.

work is good for me and him. we re both flying high. i guess time is not right. we both cant give each of us what we wanted. career driven. we both need supporting roles in our lives at this point of life. well well, fly high n run wild. tts whats life is all about. like what my mum told me. let nature take its course. what will be, will be.

things are finally back on track. and im glad we had a proper closure. at least on my side.

im happy.

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