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i told my mum tt life is short. i should try tanning nude in aust. hahahahha. she forbade, but not strongly against it. and her only concern was that someone took those photos and destroy my life on the net. whats the probability man. haha, i love my mum.

anyhow, im pretty sick now. just went t see the doc. an apple a day doesn really quite do the work.(i really bring an organic apple everyday to work to eat i swear)
im really overworked to the max. sigh. 4 more reports t go on my freaking off day. how not t be miserable! screams.

4 more full shifts t go. tmr is gunna be damn tiring since the shop assistant resigned. plus orderings n meeting preparation when i reach home i think im gunna sleep at 2am. fri 9am meeting plus shortage of manpower im gunna slog and work my ass off. sat n sun another hardcore weekend.
given my health now, i dont know how am i gg to make it through. i hope i dont faint. not kidding. and i seriously needa cut down on cab, need the money desperately.

feeling feverish. bye all

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