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its pouring. would have been nice if i could sleep in more. but darn, i had to wake up early to do orderings.

i would love to be tucked nicely into my bed with warm tea beside me and gummy bears n frosties, equiped with nthing but a book or a couple of dvds, with nothing to worry n be sorry for for the rest of the day before i g out to town t meet sm for some shoppin. but darn(again), i have to prepare my meeting stuff and am made it clear to me im on my own.

i know what im supposed t say tmr. but i dread it. i lost the drive to drive my team. i dont like them anymore, no more sense of satisfaction. and i feel very pretentious to be acting all hyped up and goody two shoes when all i want to say is, fuck you all.

im feeling darn lazy nowwwwwwww. blah!

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