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ive got milk tea on my hair

just read something and im bloody touched.

stuff like these really made me feel so much better!

yesterday was hell, and yt had t give me motivational talks again. woke up this morning slightly stronger, but in a wrong way and almost did those stupid things tt will make me regret. thank you mum for the proper education and values and all, i managed t stay sane. guess im not a slut after all! haha. i just cant do it. too gross, not my style. i will nvr degrade myself to tt level.

2 consecutive off days! whoopee.

too bad my tanning buddies are not free. i seriously miss the beach and the sun and my bikinis are screaming to be let out.

dont worry loves, im getting better each day. apart from occasional relapses, i think im getting on fine.

i will be the pretty cheerful nonsensical wsm soon! i promise. but maybe just a little worn out from work and all. haha.

i know what i need now, i dont need him, i just need my energy pills n happy pills, and i’ll be as good as new in no time.

i look v ugly now, need to find my glow back again.

i dont wanna lose my glow ever. twice is enough. im gunna guard it w my life

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