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“We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.”

hello hello. where do i starttt. major lack of updates.

lets see whats up for me.

the consecutive 2 days off for me on the last week of july was supposedly a butters night, but shit happened and im not in the right frame of mind to partay. instead the latter suited me well enough. zhi cha session w sophia, sj, shihui followed by mj session at my place. nice:) after which shihui drove us for some changi tranny action, airport runway, ecp for late night macs and some catching up. pics are still not up. darn. it was really nice tt day. love it. slept over at her place w minor bed issues. hahahahaha. ok sorry guys!

after which was one whole week of hardwork, physically, emotionally. i survived it, thank god.

work is still a bitch and i have to admit tt im slacking of quite alot. surprise surprise.

sched issues n all i managed t get myself my national day off plus mon off.
despite being sick on national day, it was awesome, mum decided to ask aunts, grandparents n all to come over for steamboat session n mj session. nice:) havent done tt for the longest time.

meet joel the nxt day for some ion, finally gotten some retail therapy. yays.

lady gaga after my meeting yesterday, it was a blah. toes were completely dead after the concert and i decided t give butters a miss. apart from still feeling unwell, tired, and dead toes, i guess i still need more time t feel normal. those horrible emotions still punch me in the stomach when i least expect it, when i let my guard down. like last night.

it was even worst when i flipped though my list of contacts n the worthy ones were all busy n unavailable. crying in the cab is so not cool. but at least now im crying not for the wrong reasons. and i actually feel better after each time i come to terms w whats happening n release myself.

went t the play ground w my mum late at night to tell her what happened all these while, i guess i owe her alot of explanations after throwing tantrums and releasing some of my unhappiness on her recently. well not cause of these, but also work stress as well. completely drained after which, dozed off in the couch straight away. woke up t shower n all n yeap, finally gotten some well deserved rest.

im letting it go, i really am. its tough though, and i thank god for everyone who went through all these shit w me time n again.

what is meant to be will be isnt it?



lust items. burberry autumn/winter 09.

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