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living in a box

months have past since i last left the education system and i sure do miss it. haha, words cant explain how much i miss those lectures and tutorial sessions. to think tt i always try to skip as much lessons as possible as long as they get in the way of sleep. lol.

at least for now im surviving well in society and the setbacks are still manageable. im still able to get back on my knees time and again. i guess my resilience did improved. haha, no longer the brat who gives up easily when things dont go my way. still there are alot more for me to learn. despite that, i realised that the things im learning are getting less and less interesting and mind blowing. or maybe im getting more and more disinterested in the things im exposed to now. people skills, people management, communication skills, tts what im fumbling around with now. its really difficult, there is no right or wrong, no formulas, no correct answers, no definitions, no template. sometimes it get so hard it really makes me feel that im a failure in life. esp so when a certain aspect of my life is at the moment unrewarding and pretty much screwed.

somehow, i have really neglected my friends while trying to sense outta my life and i guess career and my currently unsatisfying relationship w e is taking up most of my time and attention now.

my only consolation is the support that i have from my dear friends and family. one less things to worry. thanks all for still being there and not forgetting me!

haha, lets jsut say tt life is pretty demanding now, i need to attach meters to every aspect of my life,  friends, family etc. so when the meter goes below acceptable level i have to dedicate my attention to it/them and make it right.

well, if you guy are even visiting my blogs, theres some messages for yall:

joel: bitch, thanks for the continuous random msges here and there even though sometiems my replies are like nonexistent or pathetically short. love you always. hahaha. i promise to dedicate more time for you and my menses will not clash w swimming sessions again. soon. and thanks for being there and giving in to my every whine n fancy. your braces will hurt less.

sj: im miaing i knowww. yes n i know youre disappointed tt i failed to strike a balance. nevertheless, love you still, andddddd thanks for the initiating for short meet ups after work n stuff AND the visits when im working! haha youre still the one who have exclusive entries to my life as n when u like, so dont ever move houses, i’ll chop you alive. and lets check out the pub near our place soon!

ok shit, appointment later and im rushing for time so i gotta end abruptly soon, like now so byeeeeeee!

sh,yt,cx,we will meet up soon i promise. carol i know im miaing, u stop nuaing and i’ll meet u up sooon too! sm, ichiban half grill sushi much!





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