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i miss nuaing

im down with stomach flu and im secretly happy cause i get to skipwork.

doc gave me 2 days mc and im battling my conscience, to g to work and be responsible or just escape from that miserable place that got even more unpleasant recently.

what a pain.

can you imagine it. once you are out of the education system, you gotta work the rest of your life away. actually we dont have t imagine it. we are all gg to be in it. damn.

anyhow, all my work resolutions have been chucked aside.

i still do hangout w friends and all.

buttttt. i have not been excercising, have not been reading, and ed is back in my life, and im back to a size 10(WAILS).

ok drowsy. bye world! i hope you guys missed me.

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  1. shihui
    June 7, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    haha yes i can imagine what it is like to be working for the rest of our life, we were just talking about it tt day rmb!! And just to make you feel much better!!!

    I MISS YOU !!! :))) hahhhha

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