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im one blissful happy bee!

birthday have been fantastic! and its still on going. hahahaha

happiness started from 18th night, sweetest ever, though i have t stay up late t do analysis for the meeting the nxt morning.

meeting went well, and i was rushing here n there and t sch for graduation afterwhich. which really left me really sticky sweaty oily and unglamxz t the max so photos are horrible.

despite that, the lambshoulders(FINALLY) does the trick.

and and and! was damn touchedddddddd and suprised! TWIN LOVE BAKED ME A MEGA HUGE CAKE WITH TONS OF STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AND BISCUITS! its really unexpected!!!

graduation went well, and im really missing everything in school. darn, inner wuzz came out i wanted t cry. lol. but i did took a photo w my lover. hahahaha.

after which the two girlies brought me t the nxt door cafe. hahahaha. cred carol for the intensive research! it was nice and i finally had my mojitos. really happy! i was damn stuffed. lol. and i really like such chilling sessions with them. and was damn surprised when pj appeared with the cake. i really didn expected that.

this year is really full of surprise. seriously. i swore that for the past 19years, no surprises can escape my eyes. i think im becoming more and more stupid. lol.

got a vintage clutch from the girlies and totally loving it! hugs! thanks sweethearts!

after which was an events of unexpected sweetness and surprises which really left me feeling loved and blessed.

anyhowwww party tonight!! haha, estactic! cant wait.

see ya all laterrrrrrr!

oh to those who are still thinking what to give me, here you go:

  • shades (it can be cheap but pls not cheapo looking ones)
  • birks (im a 37 narrow)
  • bagsssssssss (im materalistic and im not sorry about it. haha.)
  • wallet (the current one is really rotting, ahem refer t the previous point)
  • cash
  • decent clothes and dresses (nop slutty) hahaha
  • FOOD!
  • waterbottle
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