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theres nothing interesting in my life currently to blog about.

tts pretty depressing

work work work work work and attempts to make everyday a bearable and happy one.

anyhow, when people are sick and deprived of normal food, they tend t crave for those extremely tasty unhealthy ones. omgs, yesterday night was a torture, myvoice is so screwed and im craving for nasi lemak cause the bus ride took me past eunos which reminded me of the nasilemak place i went with charmaine. hahaha.

which followed by many more food cravings!

i almost died last night. given that my dinner was at a freaking 5pm, by 12midnight i was starving w images of those food i havent get to eat for the longest time. the images still have those spotlights and those sauces are like sparkling and waving to me. ok, drama.

but i miss alot of food. damn deprived at greatworld.

text sj last night about my food cravings and he ask me t g and die. LOL.

what a nice friend.

anyways, my laptop is still not ok.

im damn upset. i went down and decided t source for other places thinking tt it’ll be cheaper, turns out tt the place dont do repair for the particular part that is spoilt. GAH! have to g down to bloody jurong again. :(:(:(:(

im rambling.

whatever, bye.

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