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and baby when its love if its not rough it isnt fun

“its never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. theres no time limit, stop whenever you want. you can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. we can make the best or the worst of it. i hope you can make the best of it.”

“and i hope you see things that startle you. i hope you feel things you never felt before. i hope you meet people with a different point of view.”

“i hope you live a life youre proud of. if you find that youre not. i hope you have the strength to start all over again.”

– Benjamin Button

i so wanna watch the movie.

days before, was chilling at bucks w mummy, was telling her what ive decided to do during my 2 years of slavery service. haha. to paint, re embrace my passion that i have stopped since secondary sch days. and she ask me why not  go study art or something. then i realised ive always had the option to do whatever i want. her comment really woke me up. sometimes i wonder what i am pursuing now is really what i wanna do, or am i just blindly moving w the flow, going where ever the path leads me to. then again, practicability. sigh. tts what keeping me. im not fabulous in it. i dont even have proper training or practice. talent? if there is its verrrrrry hidden. what can i do w it. then again, dollars and cents. we need money to live.

all my life ive been living in self indulgence. and so far, though i didn save or earn big money, i didn come out top of my course or anything exceptionally great, i have been happy. generally. which is my greatest aim in life, to be happy. what makes me happy is to be recognised, appreciated, loved, and the sweet taste of freedom. and tts my greatest motivation. so what am i good in? i dont know.  i only know i love water sports and painting, still life especially. portraits too:) takes ages, but its fun spotting the details and sketching, colours are tricky cause i dont have the skills yet.


im gunna start painting.

need to find an area in my room to do so. tough one.
and get the essentials. will start w the basics first.

books, pencils, paints. and tons of inspirations. and a canvas board.

gosh! i need my own room!

i still wanna have my own art gallery in the future.

i still want my masters.

i still wanna be a successful career woman.

i still want my luxury living.

i still want to go to all the beautiful beaches in the world. MALDIVES TOP ON THE LIST BEFORE ITS HISTORY!

i still wanna find my soulmate.

hooked on this song. LOL.

anyhow, im quite upset that i might not be able to go for my scuba course again. 😦
plsplsplspls let me find enough peopleeeeee, i really wanna go before my 2 yrs starts!

i kinda miss ed.

the weather is terrible. everyones  gunna be  dried, then start disintegrating and die and then blown away as dust to nevereverland.

oh man, im so negative i cant stand myself. blah!

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