friggin long and busy day, daddy drove us home for a quick 20mins perking up session before we head to gramps for the ultimate long night. gamblers in the world unite.

cny seems to change every single year.

this year, i dont quite see the point of house visiting anymore.

i mean house visiting means something when u sincerely miss people and you wanna go around visitng them catchin up and all. but welllllllll, for me n my lil bros, we were just merely sitting there trying hard not t look bored, be prim and proper till the adults get bored and yeap, one house and another. we couldn join in the conversation, major language barrier, major generation gap. and im really not a big fan of small talks. and they are not quite likable.

pls before u judge, im not quite those brattish kid who havent got a tinge of chinese values in them. i still think chinese new year should be family togetherness and all. i love my ahgong ahma and my aunts and all. im talking about those distant relatives that you’ll only see(mind you, not even talk or held any proper conversations) during weddings and sadly funerals. and yes i do know tt it is outta respect the younger ones should go visit the elders. but im sorry, how many of you really care about those distant relatives whom uve seen like less then 1/4 of your life? i think house visitng really defeats the purpose if you are just going for the sake of going.

which i think many of the houses i visited was. well, im writing a petition to my mum. minimize the hours spent wasting my life away on people that i really couldn care less. i’ll rather very much be with people that i truly love and appreciate and respect. like my close family, friends, colleagues.

ok lovers, gtg.


once again happy chinese new year!

oh, n seriously, i think im really gunna try curb my temper. and try t be less willful. too fiesty and angsty and snappy for my own good. i needa accumulate at least 3 comments from people that realised a change.

hey! but then again, tts my style! love or hate it. hahahah jking

anyways, ive always feel that as people become less willful, more sensible coolheaded and all, they are growing old. haha, thus i have been refusing to change for years, final attempt to fight the natural(depressing) process of growing up.

oh and one more thing, i dont know when did the crying thing started. i really have t curb it. its disgusting.

oh well 2 new resolutions!

bye for real!

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