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get a grip

by right at this time i should be stressed like crazy rushing project like nobody’s business.

but right now, i really couldn care less. i tried t start but theres nthing i can do. and i have no energy to plan and start making the group get their asses on the projects. and strangely, no one in my group is giving a damn yet.

i needa pick myself up soon.

i have nvr cried so much in my entire life before. was shocked myself.
i totally lost my senses. puffy eyes for days. i look damn haggard and ugly. well, on a brighter note i think i’ll get skinnier w my current appetite.

millions of thoughts swimming through my head.
but all i could pick out was – i love you. where are you?   and more and more unbearable pain.

shikin n shumei couldn believe i could become like this. shumei didn even think tt crying was possible w me. haha.

i wanna be alright soon. i dont like who i am now. i use t mock at people like me. pathetic losers.

shikin took 2 weeks to stop the crying. i’ll be stronger. 2 days offically passed. i’ll give myself 3 more days max.

cause i am WSM!

i couldn let my mum worry. i couldn let myself down. i want my grades. tts all i could control. and im gunna try my best to do it. but right now i really need some straightening. and it takes 2 to do so.


i love you. i miss you. more than i expected.

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  1. jas
    January 15, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    you can do it love (: anyway imma here yay. love you many many!

  2. mel
    January 15, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    got to yupp. love you.:D

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