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keropokgobubabugheahhpssssssquackmeowwufu 2009!


i gotta say its one the best so far. dont you guys agree?

  1. you name it we’ve got it steamboat session with baby abalone some more! for 3 hrs straight
  2. old sch songs
  3. spastic presents exchange w losers making full use of their presents to wash the dishes
  4. gin tonic in the making
  5. getting high on avalanche
  6. extreme makeover
  7. alma mater terrorizing+countdown
  8. 2nd round of avalanche
  9. disney followed by animal game
  10. spastic sessions along the way
  11. stupid dance game w J and his ultimate dance move w specs flying high
  12. fuzhouchamian game tt never went far
  13. most sadistic omomchucky ever w J and i having swollen red hands while the 2 big boobies fend off evil with thier assets.
  14. nice talks and some horoscope session
  15. mcdonalds breakfast on the 1st morning of 09
  16. home sweet home
  17. slept at 8am

fun shit. high max.

and i totally enjoyed myself.

love you babies! for being so spontaneous and crazy all tog and all.

alrights! off with the partying and all. time t produce some work on the double.



frogs go keropok, fishes go gobu gobu, whatever tt is goes babu babu, crows go gheahh gheahh(insert phlegm), snakes go psssssss, ducks go quack quack, cats go meow meow, dogs goes wufu wufu. hahahahah.

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