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mental seriously

i seriously have got nthing to say.

i duno whats gg on with 2 people whom care alot about me and i care alot too. went completely bonkers. the reason is understandable but the actions are totally crazy.

i mean i did not kill your parents whatsoever.

fuck seriously!

whats the problem. im 19. i made mistakes i dont get why joel didn react tt way and you guys are.

mr k.
i know i did the wrong things, i got reprimanded, i realized my mistake. but what! if i can i wouldn have made the mistake. i know you care, i know you cant help feeling disappointed, i know! and i appreciate your care and concern seriously. but why is my mistake affecting our friendship? i did something wrong i failed to do what im supposed to even though you told me to. tts it. im sorry. but tts something ive done and im the one whos gunna take whatever consequences i have to bear. i thought a friend is someone who will be there no matter what, maybe im wrong. maybe tts my basic principle and not yours. you made mistakes too and i did not condemn you because of that did i? i just hope things will be normal soon. i neglected you because of internship not because of anything else.

mr j.
i duno what to say. frankly speaking i feel like slapping you across the face for being so childish. v v v v v v disappointed. im NOT kks or anybody else. dont give me this kind of treatment when i dont deserve it

internship is hell. everythings a mess. i want to just hide in my own happy zone with perfectly normal loved ones. i mean who wld wanna hang out w someone whos always making them miserable?

i told you guys i’ll be v v v v v busy when internship starts and you guys cant get to see me so often. no one believe and took me for granted, then when the time comes, im the one to blame. what the hell seriously. life is depressing enough, i dont want to associate myself with anything negative too. enough is enough.

ok im blabblering nonsense, malfunctioning brains, stupid flu.

i miss you guys, pls come back soon. šŸ˜¦

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