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i dont knw.

if you wanna sweep me off my feet do it properly all the way wham bam.

at least i’ll die a painful death without having t go through the agonising process, struggling t keep my bal. v tiring man.

i prefer t die unknowingly. at least i can blame someone else for the aftermath. HAHA.

maybe im too smart for my own good. hahahahahahahahahahah. ok digress.

gay im getting my white uni tmr.

even gayer when a sup needs to attend orientation.

anyhow major bitch at my workplace. wolala, she better not get on my toes cause i swear ive been a proper nice intern for the past weeks. if shes ever gunna sabotage my grades im gunna give her hell. rah!

anyhoww, i cant wait for 28th nov!

batam spa getaway anyone?!!!! ladies we should so pamper ourselves. hahahahahahahahahah.

internship is slowly destroying us mentally, physically. scary berry.

lotsa misses. xoxo.

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