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hell’s rolling over in a few hrs time.

collected new uni today. not so high waist like finally. but still….. haha

cldn help feeling super depress and negative about attachment. no matter how much cheering up and prep talks. i totally understand how joel feel every time he have t book in. emo. LOL.

anyhow what a perfect timing. store meeting this week and mnthly stock take nxt week. how nice. boohoo.

ok la. enough of my whinings.

do come n visit. im still stuck at vivo. no change though i was secretly hoping its in town cause apparently almost all my darlings are all over there. then again thank god its not great world or holland i can seriously die.

ok time t sleep hahahahaha. cause i swear im not gunna be late.

im gunna try t be early everyday. least be on time.

babies pls do come visit n spread some love. haha. nights all.

oh and hope jacq is doing fine over at hk/bejing. super worried for her.

n last thing. i cant believe how small the world can be. major jolt t the heart and ive got reminded again. wtf. totally gay. and one at a time mr subway came into the picture. what is this man what is this.

slog our lives awayyyyyyyy! good luck all!

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