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yesterday was indeed a bird shit day. crap crap crap crap crap.

started w endless toilet runs, late, in mug mode but no powerpoint in mcdonalds = no notes, combed 2 mcdonalds before we realise we can nvr leech electricity from there anymore, boycotting mcdonalds i swear chicken banana(no sweet chili, no garlic chili, no powerpoint! what is this man), exorbitant printing cost, quarreled, missed last bus, walk home, saw rats n roaches!

today will b better.

my hip grandma went t watch money not enough w her friends and psychoed my grandpa t watch. hahahaha. so mummy’s bringing him tog w my stupid bro t catch tt movie later. she is so gunna cry man. bad bad bad.

okokokokokok time t get my ass on the ppt slidessssss. whack some books man!

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