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last night was the gayest moment in my life. scariest moment maybe. literally blanked out. no kidding. pretty comical if im not the one going through it.

i actually suffer from insomnia and for the whole night i feel nausease. ok maybe cause i was overly hungry. hahahaha. but still i felt sick.

anyhow, ive decided i cannot be so retarded. wsm without her cool is not wsm. lol.

im gunna be miserable when time comes and it’ll be something i cant help it. so now that i can control my emotions now why the heck i wanna make myself miserable? right. so ive come to terms that i cant resist it anymore. so its a do or die. ok la whatever la. this wont kill me.

eek. end of episode. i feel super retarded getting so drama mama over this crappy shit.

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