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i drove myself to insanity

people are always searching.
in search of things that are missing.
in search of things that are lost.
in search of things that are stolen.
in search of things that have never been there.

im not searching. im keeping. keeping w all my might. my own way of doing it. highly misunderstood maybe. but im keeping. i swear im very happy and contented with what i have. yes people does get greedy sometimes, but i’ll nvr wanna risk losing what i have for something more. im not a risk taker not a gambler. stability sounds good to me.

then again, it gets harder and harder as time goes by. so much that you wanna stop trying and join the bandwagon.

now tts the frustration part. you give up what youve always believed in search for what?! for replacement? for a consolation for your lost. and make believe. deluded. the rest of your life will be spent living in someone else’s dream that youve conveniently replaced it w yours cause youve succumbed to despair.

it is tough acting tough. guess thats how some people work sometimes. works for me. real or not. the end results are the same.

today is a upsetting day. and it started from 12midnight nonstop.

cant wait for the clock to strike 12 again. tmr will be better.

life is nvr a bed of roses. i know.
we’ll snap out of it soon. i know.

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