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this is homeeeeeeee trulyyyyy

realised life is good man.
preholiday started. hahahahah

manhattan, boat quay, timbre
raffles, central, manhattan again w me finally eating, crazy ele
party tmr at aunts, and maayyybe see how zouk if i havent cui from free flow of redwine. hahaha.
good. love my life. but kinda shit ass broke. howwwww.

liabilities aplenty. who won the lottery ah?! come come lets be friends. LOL. crap.

finally gotten the grey swimsuit ive been eying on since may and huraaaayyy! ive got the last holy one at a discounted price plus a free gift. LOL. now i can officially swim w/o feeling uncomfy cause i cant bloody hell swim in biks! no more running since its the 7thlunar so i guess its swimming for me 🙂 🙂 🙂

people have been asking me if ive joined the nike run. and i seriously regret not joining. damn crap man, i thought no one wanna join who knew the people tt i din ask actually joined and i can bloody hell g w them. awwwwww no more tshirt. LOL. no la, but its fun lehhhhhh. how how how. then again, nvr train how t run. im so not gunna walk.

saw people running around boat quay area the day before. kinda cool huh, friends anyone wanna try jogging around singapore?! LOL. maybe i should organise a food hunt thing w my babes once tt dodo yt is done w her projects. we’ll conquer singapore w our feet n mouth man! LOL

and since ive got so much spare time. its time to hahahahaha.

still feeling bloated from all the drinks. blah.

anyways, olympics opening is good man. magnifique! china really made full use of their abundance of human resources. and i love the fireworks man! damn pretty. and i suddenly wish im a greek. cool eh.

ok nights all!
happy national day! *waves flag

and if u poor souls have got nthing to do. do some shopping here, my dear sl’s sweat n blood. LOL. hauteurban.livejournal.com.

3rd collection up. v cui me, but aiya. 1st time leh. u think v easy isit u come n try. 3 collections in a day. can die.

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  1. chewy89
    August 9, 2008 at 7:40 am

    hey, join the standard chartered marathon! im joining the run. http://www.singaporemarathon.com/en/
    HAHA. roar! i regret nt join the nike race wif u. keep seeing the poster. darn it!

  2. pepperonicheese
    August 9, 2008 at 8:56 am

    HAHAHA. ok set. i dont mind. lets train tog.

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