for once ive finally experienced what ive always thought was impossible – dozing off under the humid n stuffy bus stop in black formal while waiting for the bus. LOL

and, ive set a new record for myself. concussed for 18hrs 25mins. hahaha  skipped dinner n breakfast! good! hahahaha.

anyhow i really love my grp man! A for our sales manual!
and despite having only ONE v UNPREPARED rehearsal just a coup of mins before the actual thing, the grp managed t pull it off.

my 1st A from roche. and more to come.

i really regret slacking my yr 1.2 n 2.1 away. its so goddamn easy t drop your grades but its sosososososo darn difficult t pull it up.

anyhow i really want 2 As this sem. so im gunna work damn hard for monday’s paper and 5 days of hardcore mugging after i come back from bkk if the trips confirmed.
no luck for edp. a C plus hopefully.
stupid pinkpanther gave me a bloody B for my presentation and almost failed my assignments. fucking bias bastard.

anyhow, moron in hr department. again. blood boils. she fucking wasted my $18, my time, my energy, electricity, everyttttthingggggggg!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR.


facial later. ciaos!

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