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just like heaven

im a sucker for romance movies. and the irony, i cant stop giving snide comments here and there during the show, spotting the unrealistic moments and gosh! im quite a pain in the ass. hahahah.
the show ended and my bro asked, “why everytime it’ll end w a happy ending.”

“its not the ending. they will get tog get married quarrel like shit and get divorced. they just dont show you tt part.”

plenty of news recently that left me heavy hearted. and im kinda frustrated that i actually let all these crap affect me. its seriously stupid cause im supposed to be disassociated and it shouldn be my concerns. im angry w myself for even thinking about it.
damn irritating, i keep trying t mind my own business and keep things simple and positive but again and again shit happens. walaooooo. seriously wtf. its never ending.
and dear babies who wanna cheer me up and stuff. its not that i dont wanna let anyone help me. telling doesnt helps. it doesnt even makes me feel better. I DONT WANNA TALK TO ANYBODY ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!! AHHHHHHHH. crazy

come come people, lets just sit quietly tog and be happy.

haha speaking of which im missing bff. ok maybe not really him. hahaha. ok just a lil. but more of the me watching dvds alone in my comfort zone letting thoughts flow freely without disturbance or intrusion with my best friend right beside me(snoring. haha.)
ok im just giving myself an excuse t laze around. LOL.

this song keeps ringing in my mind. LOL.

This ain’t a song for the broken-hearted ~
diaehdiaeh diaeh diaehdiaeh

It’s my life!
It’s now or never!
I ain’t gonna live forever! *screams
omph! lols. gay.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

“I live with my brat in a high-rise flat

so how in the world would I know.”

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