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mega headache. lack of sleep and bottled to the max. v tired.


plus tt stupid pinkpanther. he should seriously die.
pp: oh your strategy is wrong.
me: then what should it be?
pp: (gave me the definition of strategy)
me: oh so its (blahblahblah)?
pp: no its not.
me: then what is the strategy for the article?
pp: … (cannot give me an ans!)
me: so is it (blahblahblah)?
pp: … (shrugs and fidget but still no ans!)
pp: the article is bad.
me: (vomits blood)

fuckyou seriously fuckyou. no matter how bad an article is. there is always a strategy.
and tts not all! alot of ridiculous excuses to mark me down.
cannot tolerate that pathetic fake accent crap shit anymoreeeeeee!

ive exercised a life time worth of self control not to show him my attitude or argue.
seriously damn fucked up.
i know he have got something against me, thus im so determined to do the assignment well and even hired the help of sj n shihui. literature student w decent GP grades. knncb.
barely passed and without valid reason!

feel like taking a gun and shoot him in the face for next weeks individ presentation. cannot stand being in the same room as him.

just the sight of him irks me.

tempted t give myself a day off tmr. maybe i should. i needa break from all the drama going round me. its really insane and im highly affected.

ok i should. hahhaahahah

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  1. July 1, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    chill pill. i did like shit for my articles. lol

  2. pepperonicheese
    July 2, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    walao he is like crap can. i dont know how t do my individ presentation. one to one somemore. 30% weightage. ahhhhhhh. somebody shoot him! LOL

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