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its beautiful its lovely its fantabulous!

PLUS i met cute prehmo (or whatever it is spelled) w ultra hot bod who made my trip a even delightful one. hahah. pleasant surprise. its like a damn summer love moment, totally sweet and innocent and fairytale-ish like Grease tt kinda films. N im still having a major crush. damn silly. lols. (shit bimbo moment)


day 1 –

ate the seasick pills cause i didn wanna risk ruining my hols as the water was pretty choppy. got so drowsy afterwhich.

Buffet lunch was alright. the lamb thing was quite nice. and i decided to be a lil adventurous so i tried some leafy wine thing which tasted like crap. after which we took the bus to our dear fabulous villa! Angsoka villa 12. IT WAS RIGHT INFRONT OF THE BEACH! PRIME POSITION! wheeeeee. it was so fantastic! with a personal bugee which i tried driving but sucked at it. and and and the villa is realllllllllly damn pretty and it had like many many rooms lik games room yadaayadaa and lil comfy resting corners and walao damn nice stuffs and its like everythings AT LEAST a more than decent. they provided MJ and other games too we were like omgs. hahahaha. oh and the pool wasnt as fantastic as i thought it’ll be. but better then nothing.

okok so anywaysssss, after exploring our oh so fabulous villa and dipping in our not so fabulous pool for a while, we went to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!! SENTOSA SUCK BALLS MAN! its. ahhhh i duno what to say. let the pictures do the talking after carol send me all of it. im just like extremely high on ecstasy. =D

JETSKIING IS SUPER FUN ITS THE SEX YO! i was totally in control and totally screaming my head off and laughing like a moron and it was full speed ahead after i figured it out. hahaha and there was carol screaming nonstop at the back. whooooooooo! fantabulous to the power of infinity. and loser carol(AHHAH! aka AHNUA) decided t give it a try. and tts where i went to hell. LOLS. sitting in the backseat is seriously scary shit. and its even worst when carol’s in control. hahahahahaha. and yeap, before you know it. i was flung out of the jetski and plop! into the water. hahahaha. i was like laughing t myself when i saw carols terrified look and frantically telling me “im scared of the ocean.” OH! and silly girl is like kena beaten up. bruised chin and cheekbone. hahaha. i dont know wanna laugh or cry. in the midst of flying i lost jess’s shades. grabbed on to poor carol while trying t swim t the jetski cause we flew for quite a distant. someone came t the rescue. might be prehmo, cldn remember cause im highly amused by the whole thing t actually care. carol hitched a ride back t ours while i decided to swim back. lols. took control again and had a coup of rounds and we head back shore. hahaha and guess what! OUR DEAR CAROL ACTUALLY LIKE JETSKIING! EVEN THOUGH SHES DISFIGURED BY IT. hahaha. love you babe! we are so doing it again!

chilled by the main pool for a while while waiting for our transportation.
go karting afterwhich. didn join them cause im not really a big fan. was looking forward t more beachy activities though. but haha it was highly amusing watching them play.

and on our journey back, weve got punctured tires. hahah. pretty funny.

went back, washed up and it was a lovely instant homecooked meal by lovely melvin, jess, liv. so cosy. and the radio was having like nonstop mambo songs. MJ-ed, sillygames, alcohol and everyones high. concussed after which. all i know was liv had alot of drama and im pretty much dead. too tired larh! 2 weeks nonstop man.
(ok right now im damn shag. shall cut the crap and speed things up)

day 2 –

was raining initially so we didn think we’ll be gg snorkeling. so i decided t cheer myself up by having a hearty filling breakfast. but who knows, we decided t go in the end, and im like shit! i shouldn have eaten so much. liv & carol didn join us. was ecstatic. and superly nervous. it was really damn nice. totally breathtaking. its like i went t heaven. haha. this is where prehmo officially came into the picture. for more information kindly dial 9______5. hahah, im lik really damn happy like nvr before. minus the fact tt i keep fogging up my mask cause i just cldn get used t breathing through my mouth. guess i was too high and gasping at everything all the time. hahaha. prehmo was super sweet. gush. hahahah. ok the end.

felt sick(aftermath of drinking too much saltwater plus heavy breakfast right before snorkeling), check out, dined at the cafe over at the golf course. home sweet home.

i am so gg back again.

it was really the best weekends ever.

im striking hongkong off my list. my vacation style is really beach beach beach beach and more beach activities.

and i realised tt i can actually afford gg on a trip like this every mnth or maybe every 2 mnths or so.

so babiessssss, lets plan and g again soooooon!

im totally missing bintan and prehmo(hahaha ok i know this is damn silly)

nights all.


visuals up soon!

i had plenty of fun!

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  1. mel
    June 23, 2008 at 4:50 am

    totally bimbotic! my god, what happenneeeddd

  2. June 23, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    numees & prehmo under the coconut tree
    K-I-S-S-I-N-G 😀

    im a water hazard LOL

  3. pepperonicheese
    June 23, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    mel: what?! where got bimbo! hahahaha. fill you in soon man.

    carol: wtf! kiss your ass la. its under the sea fairytale version ok. totally cute and innocent. and yes pls you killer. my neck still hurts like crap. hahaha

  4. egggtofu
    July 3, 2008 at 2:49 am

    so how much in total was this weekend trip? (:

  5. pepperonicheese
    July 3, 2008 at 2:57 am

    total cost – $258.
    the food is seriously overpriced, bring your own one or g to the golf course for your meals, cheaper.

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