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chuck’s back

i wanna mix some blood. shall steal some of catherine zeta-jones’s and jab it in me. 1% of her also pretty.

mango sale! thankgod ive got sensible shopper shumei w me. ZARA sales next! muahahah. bought an ultra bimbo bag. shall bring it out tmr and pissed the shit outta everyone. its damn bimbo i cant stand it. hahahaha. =D

im living in hunger everyday. damn lazy t jog today. took out my yoga mat instead. but well, i ended up nuaing on the mat after 15mins. hahahah. i wanna cry man. and stupid jas bought me one packet of kisses. and a lovely note. fantastic man. hahaha. im gunna buy her one galleon of lard tmr. haha but its darn sweet la. thanks babe.

another freaking long day tmr. long night too if i decided t join shikin. haha.

no more “mambo is rocks my socks” tonight (private joke). sorry carol darling! i need the energy for tmr company. haha. super happy. shihui took the half day off tmr for us! love love love love love.


nights all.

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  1. June 20, 2008 at 7:21 am

    haha super wasted wednesday. we should chicken dance together soon okay. and cheer up babe. theres always me!

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