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tears dry on their own

im seriously running out of batt.
might even be giving tmr night a miss.
im exhausted. like totally.

i just wanna be in my old boxers n tee, cuddle in bed, eat, grow, and occasionally play street fighter w my bro, tv, read, online, supper/dinner at kovan/chomps/lk w the loves, some quality time w my fam and sleep.

wanna cry man. too much stuffs gg on. it overwhelms me. its like theres plenty of episodes left open and ive got no time t close it up properly. hate it.

sunday was damn sad. after reading the text i almost cried on my way back. the world is so sad. i feel so helpless. and they are the people who really treated me lik their daughter/lil sister/friend. im so caught in between, and somehow i feel selfish. looking at dear wanna, i wondered wld things be the same for me when i grow up. spilled it to mum when i reached home. almost cried, and she told me everyone got t lead their own lives. we are not accountable for it, all we can do is to be there to support to listen, and if its within our means, help. but somehow i still think im not doing enough. yet i dont know what i can do. stupid. this is so irritating. i hope wanna will be alright soon and tt life would be fair t her.

it was sentosa yest w dear jas. hitting the beach’s always my top fav things t do. haha but this time round i did the unthinkable. I USED SUNBLOCK! SUNBLOCK! zomgs. hahaha. well, comeon, i’ll be out in the sun for fri sat n sun. can die. hahaha. facial after which and an impromptu meetup w the rest over at lk. it was fantastic, as usual. hanging out w them is a 100% effective way t make me happy. laughed like shit. and lk said im gunna overseas t study 3 times in a row. so yeap. im gg. haha. homed n jogged n some nice talks along the way. sj n i are gunna start working out. hahahah. 1mnth. we’ll be back. im gunna be a hamster for the time being. but this hamster ate nasi lemak today. damn shit.

carol’s today. went down t vivo w carol and attempt t do some shopping but i got nthing except for some ugly cuts. i bleed! damnit. bucks after which, nice lazy talks. been ages or so i thought. grabbed her stuffs and it was home sweet home. was kinda apologetic cause i was totally stoning throughout. im superly tired.

must jog later. or its 100 situps.

joels gg back on the 21st. shit man. i havent spent time w himmmmmm. =(
and ive got no time.
tmr is the ultimate crazy day.
i dont even know how t squeeze everything into my schedule.
kill me pls.

super tired.

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