yes man!

alot of things happened at work, and it got so complicated i duno what i should do.
higher note darlene bought J. Co over. yays! n i kapoed jacqueline’s share. hahahaha.
and thanks mel n yangs for the super pricey nonfat fruit juice. hahahah. and the bangle n redbull singlet. lols.

i cant bloody hell wait for wed. mambo yo. jacq n jols gg too! and doris just told me she wanna go too. so yea. hahahahahahah. yes man, zouk will be infested w my lover pills. =D
yes no alcohol! im gg on auto.

finally some life soon.

packed t the max. tmr is all about choices.
its supposed t be a day for myself t relax alone at home, but theres also a family gathering for a fathers day celebration over at my lovely gramps at night, then again its the long awaited gathering w the lovers for dinner, and ive just remembered i needa help my lil cousin with his holiday homework, andddd i wanna swim or tan, but i wanna spent the day with joel sj n jas too before chomps w the rest.

ok, decision. gramps after im done w bed to show some love n give some tuition. then chomps w the rest.

sunday’s work.
monday’s jas’s,
tuesday’s carol’s.
wednesday’s projects n mambo.
thursday’s stay in bed + individual assignments if possible.
friday’s junkays’ + individual assignment if possible. + mels at night.
weekend’s bintan baby!

and zilch. back t sch t face some music.

4am. time to sleep. nights all

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