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Charles Bartholomew Bass

finally done w gossip girl after the i cld die waiting streaming after some spyware/virus whatsoever i cant differentiate thingy that lagged my entire lap.

tts the thing i hate about dvdings. i cant stop and im wasting youth and precious time and i know and cant help it.

totally wasted my weekends. i only did one stupid tut and a stupid mystery shopping audit. =(( and im feeling the stress now.

and so i swore t sleep early tonight and wake tmr at 9am t start and hopefully complete 1 article. damnit. im a super procrastinator. =(((((((

exams nxt week. im camping at k. mac. takers gimme a call n join me if not i’ll be doing it alone. exciting. oh yes babies, im coming out of my usual mugging cave cause its too damn hot global warming and all.

mental note – get all branding notes printed and complied by fri.

tmrs w the lovers, wed kmac after sch w slutahemcoughs, thurs sex&city followed w some mugging session in town or cheesecake place w my dearest carol, fri sch and foresee alot of serious mugging during the ends.

sigh. schs officially bugging me!

need to start jogging again. starttingggggggggggg tmr.

chuck bass is sexayy. superly please. but hes a bastard. a sweet one. if ed westwick is ever gay i’ll be damn sad. and i think he got the evil aura. and i seriously think it gotta have something to do w the names. chuck is like chucky the freaky evil doll thing. and westWICK. wick, wicked whatever. hahaha

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  1. May 26, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    revise tgt on sunday ok.
    imagine him saying “I’m Chuck Bass.” with that sexy voice.
    i swear i can melt.

  2. pepperonicheese
    May 27, 2008 at 6:39 am

    sure no probs. but lets find somewhere else other than k.mac for sundays. i cant risk another edward posh or esther whatever birthday party.

    melted like totally! =DDDDDDDDDDD andddd his curls are duper cute.

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